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Simply done has been recognized for their work and dedication.  I have been featured on The Knot, Wedding Chicks, Borrowed and Blue, Bride and Groom magazine, New Hampshire Bride, and Wedding Boston among others.

​       fine hand done Calligraphy                                                custom Decor & Accessories

So as a successful career in education was closing, the door to a new adventure opened..

Now all those lessons and experiences combine to provide my clients with  the elements that make for memorable events.  From fine Calligraphy to creating individually designed and crafted accessories and decor items, where NO detail is too small.

 The adventure now known as Simply done began with the question

"What do I want to do with the rest of my life ?"

Providing clients with creative yet affordable details and decor

is what inspires Patti, everyday.

Basically I have always wanted to know how to DO things. As I child I watched my great aunt sew and wanted to learn how. I watched and learned as I saw my Dad fixing things..  I thought handwriting practice was fun and loved Art beginning in elementary school. So as life presented me with opportunities I continually stretched those boundaries. Working for a regional ballet company taught me about costume and set design and construction Classes in college and at the Worcester Art Museum expanded my skills. But the love of all things 'wedding' had its beginning when I was employed as a manager for a Bridal Salon while still in college.

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